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The Winter’s Tale, English National Opera, ENO, London Coliseum, February 2017

Nearly three years ago the Royal Ballet put Winter’s Tale on the ballet stage, and now it’s the opera’s turn. In a remarkable compression of Shakespeare’s five acts to an hour and forty minutes of music and drama, composer Ryan Wigglesworth has created a score that moves from the sparest flicker of passing time to …

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The Imitation Game, movie released November 2014

As mathematics undergraduates in the 1960s we heard about Turing machines — hypothetical devices that can manipulate symbols on an infinite tape — but learned nothing about Alan Turing, whose work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War remained unknown to anyone outside the inner core of the security services. Visiting there four years …

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Burnt by the Sun, National Theatre, May 2009

Throughout the play there are sexual undertones.

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