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The Imitation Game, movie released November 2014

As mathematics undergraduates in the 1960s we heard about Turing machines — hypothetical devices that can manipulate symbols on an infinite tape — but learned nothing about Alan Turing, whose work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War remained unknown to anyone outside the inner core of the security services. Visiting there four years …

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Nixon in China, Metropolitan Opera live relay, cinema, February 2011

Peter Sellars exuded enthusiasm from his toes to the end of his extraordinary hair-do, extolling Adams’s music and saying “it builds and has tension . . . rather like Mozart”.

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Giselle, Royal Ballet, live relay from Covent Garden, January 2011

This two-act ballet creates a wonderful dichotomy between daylight and night-time. Act I is set in the everyday world, but the second act takes place in world of the wilis, spirits of dead maidens who rise up and destroy any young man they encounter.

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