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Kindertransport, Richmond Theatre, February 2014

This gripping play is about mothers and daughters, loss and recovery, escape and belonging. It’s about letting go and moving on. Two colleagues I knew who were on the final Kindertransport from Vienna on 1 September 1939 never spoke of it. After one of them died, his wife of fifty years went through his papers …

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Great Expectations, On tour starting in Richmond, September 2012

This intriguingly melodramatic adaptation of Dickens’ novel by Scottish playwright Jo Clifford tells Pip’s story very effectively. There are two Pips, Paul Nivison as the adult, narrating and facing the ghosts of the past, and the young Pip, brilliantly played by Taylor Jay-Davies. In this stage realisation by Graham McLaren the past ghosts may scream at Pip, but with …

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