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Die Tote Stadt, English National Opera, March 2023

Less than two years after the end of the first world war an opera on the loss of a loved one resonated with contemporary society, and was a huge success. Its 23-year old composer Erich Korngold already had two successful one-act operas to his name and this new 3-act work attracted fierce bids, premiering simultaneously …

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Die Tote Stadt, Longborough, June 2022

In 1920, two years after the First World War, Europe was dealing with loss, and an ex-child prodigy, now 23, wrote an opera dealing with devastating loss. Unlike the novel Bruges-la-Morte on which it was based Die Tote Stadt has an ending that allows the protagonist the chance of recovery. This widower Paul lives in Bruges among the relics …

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Die Tote Stadt, Royal Opera, January 2009

In this imaginative production by Willy Decker, Paul was strongly sung by Stephen Gould, and Marie/Marietta by Nadja Michael, who did a superb job of the part, teasingly sexy, both as girlfriend and among her acting troupe

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