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Medea, Actors of Dionysus, Rose Theatre, Kingston, November 2013

At the end of this play, Helios the sun god comes to Medea’s rescue, carrying her through the air in a chariot from Corinth to Athens. This deus ex machina pulls her out from certain death in a city where her sorcery has killed its king and his only daughter, destroyed her ex-husband Jason’s plans …

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Paris Alexandros, by Euripides, Actors of Dionysus, October 2012

This was a theatrical reading at Europe House in London on 25th¬†October 2012. Euripides’¬†play The Women of Troy starts two days after the Greeks have taken the city, and ends with Queen Hekabe stepping forward into slavery. It is the final part of a Trojan Trilogy whose first two parts are largely lost, but inspired …

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